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Elvis Presley Costume

Wear Your Elvis Presley Costume and Have Fun

Elvis is no doubt still the one and only King of rock and roll and has been one of the most impersonated stars in the history of music and film. Everywhere you go you are likely to run into someone in an Elvis Presley costume. Many people make a good living while impersonating Elvis, in many cases they don't even have to be able to sing just act the part.

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Elvis Presley Costume

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The King is alive. Show that to your friends by wearing this great Halloween costume at the parties. Don't forget the moves Elvis taught you. Shake Rattle and Roll !

* This is an officially licensed Elvis Presley costume.   
* Wig and Shoes sold separately.
* Available in all sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

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Decide For The Right Costume

 The typical Elvis Presley costume usually depicts Elvis in one of his white jumpsuits complete with a cape and tons of rhinestones. To add the finishing touches you will need a wig and some stick on sideburns and before you know it you can be the "King". These costumes are available in a variety of sizes from child to adult and cover several different styles of jumpsuit to depict Elvis at varying stages of his career.

 Before you go out and decide to dress in an Elvis Presley Costume you need to stop and decide what era of Elvis you wish to depict. Are you going to be an early Elvis or will you be representing an older Las Vegas style Elvis Presley. Costumes are available for both eras but are completely different. The early Elvis was most likely to be wearing a slightly oversized suit jacket and a skinny tie as well as appearing clean cut.

 If you decide that you want to be the Las Vegas era Presley, costumes usually start out with a white Elvis jumpsuit that has plenty of rhinestones sewn all over it. To add realism to the costume you might consider a chest wig unless of course you have plenty of your own to display behind the deep v-neck front of the suit.

Image of Elvis Costume Icon.Wearing an Elvis Presley Halloween costume is only a part of the whole image; Elvis was also well known for his greased back Pompadour hair style.

If you do not have enough hair of your own to accomplish this look there are plenty of wigs available to compliment the variety of Elvis Presley costumes out there. Finally glue on a pair of bush sideburns and you will get as close as you can to looking just like the "King".

Now having the right Elvis costume is only the beginning, Elvis was well known for his attitude and the way he carried himself. He was after all a huge sex symbol so you need to put yourself in the frame of mind that says "I'm hot and all the chicks dig me", work on your sheepish grin that leaves all the women grovelling at your feet and you are well on your way.

While you may never be able to come close to being able to sing like Elvis, it doesn't hurt to be able to sing a few lyrics from time to time while you are in your Elvis Presley costume. Most of all take a look at some video clips and practice the facial expressions that are part of Elvis and you will soon find that you are the hit of the party.